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Available Services

PackageType of BundleInstallation FeeMonthly Cost
Double PlayFree Install$76.95
Double PlayFree Install$81.45
Double PlayFree Install$140.00
Triple PlayFree Install$148.00
WiFi included with all Internet bundles. The first Set-Top box is included with your TV service.

PackageInstallation FeeMonthly Fee
$100 (one time fee) FREE INSTALLATION$65.00/month
$100 (one time fee) FREE INSTALLATION$50.00/month

Internet Additional Information

PackageInstallation FeeMonthly Fee
$300 (one time fee)$39.00/month
$300 (one time fee) $100.00/month

TV Additional Information

The first Set-Top Box is included with your TV Service.

Premium Movie Channels


Phone Additional Information

PackageInstallation FeeMonthly Cost
$149.00 (one time fee)$24.95/month
$149.00 (one time fee)$29.95/month

Security and Automation Add-ons

Additional Information

*Some restrictions may apply. New service requires a minimum of a 12-month agreement.